The Arts Society brings together over 360 Societies across the UK plus a number of Societies in the rest of Europe and Australasia to promote an interest in the Arts. The Arts Society works to advance decorative and fine arts education and appreciation and to conserve our artistic heritage.

The Arts Society supports voluntary projects to maintain historic buildings, record the contents of churches and encourages young people to take an interest in the arts. Members enjoy making new friends, the stimulus of learning and the satisfaction of volunteering.

Each Member Society of The Arts Society is run by a volunteer committee that manages the Society's affairs. Member Societies are part of their local Arts Society Area which liaises with Socities and orgnises Areas events.

The Area commitee is headed by the Area Chairman who represents Societies at National level. There are 15 Socities in the East Surrey and each Socity organises a full programme of lectures, Special Interest Days and visits.

Details of Society programmes can be found by contacting the individual Society. Contact details can be found on the ‘Societies’ page. Details of Area Events are on the Special Interest Days and the News/Events pages. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Societies or an Area event in the near future.

Golden Anniversary Lunch
20th April 2018

Epsom Race Course

Booking Forms now available to download -About Area/Documents

Everyone Welcome!