The photo shows a copy of Mrs Greville's dress which was handmade by Art Society Heritage Volunteers as part of the ongoing Polesden Lacey Costume Project. 

The Art Society Heritage Volunteers are teams of committed non-specialist volunteers who work under guidance to help conserve our heritage. Training and support are available for those members wishing to take part in a Heritage Volunteer Project. Heritage Volunteers undertake projects for museums, National Trust properties, historic houses, libraries and gardens.

Examples of projects:

  • On-site conservation of books, manuscripts, archives and maps
  • Cataloguing documents and archival listing
  • Conservation of arms and armour, medals and military silver
  • Preventative conservation of textiles, replica work and creation of period costumes
  • Guiding and stewarding in museums, historic houses and gardens

Details of each Society’s Heritage projects can be found on their websites. Society website address are noted on the ‘Societies’ page.

The East Surrey Area has supported many Heritage Volunteer projects over the years. One of the latest projects has been the creation of period costumes for Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property near Bookham. The costumes are worn by volunteer NT Stewards at special events to re-create the atmosphere of the house when it was owned by the Edwardian hostess, Mrs Greville. A fashion show organised by the Heritage Volunteers displayed the impressive outfits they fashioned including a selection of the splendid hats they created. The Area Heritage Volunteer Representative is responsible for co-ordinating Area projects.

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