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08 March 2019Hans Christian Andersen - Wit, Artist, Traveller

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Hans Christian Andersen - Wit, Artist, Traveller Karin Fernald Friday 08 March 2019

Hans Christian Andersen was not only an artist with words. As a child he made puppet costumes. Later on in his many travels, he produced attractive sketches of Italy with extraordinary collages and paper cuts of swans, ballet dancers, court ladies and dancing millers based on Danish folk tales. He has written 156 stories mostly unknown to us! Two of his major works were the The Tinder Box and The Emperors's New Clothes. Illustrations by artists from all over the world and paintings by artists from early 19th century Denmark will be presented as well as his lesser-known short story of THE TEAPOT, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Andersen drew on many sources - from THE ARABIAN NIGHTS and AESOP'S FABLES to events in his own life and works written by acquaintances and friends! He was definitely a Borrower! He was a sharp observer: "Every character is taken from life, I know and have known them all". Enjoy one or two short poems by Andersen set to music by Scandinavian composers.

A wonderful magical morning led by Karin Fernald.

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