The Area provides training for its volunteers involved with Heritage Volunteering, Young Arts, Church Recorders and Church Trails. In this way the volunteers can maintain the high standards set by The Arts Society and can obtain the greatest personal benefit and enjoyment from their activities. Training days on Society Administration and Planning a Programme are organised by the Area Trainer so that new and potential Society Committee members may be aware of the support and information available from the Area and from The Arts Society House

The aims are:

  • To ensure that good practice is followed and new procedures are adopted and standards are maintained
  • To increase communication between Societies, Areas and Arts Society House and enhance members’ appreciation of The Arts Society as a National organisation
  • To provide opportunities for members to gain extra skills

Please contact the Area Trainer at

 for more information


To support Societies and provide opportunities for Societies to meet each other, the Area organises a variety of meetings each year.

Society Chairmen and Society chairmen meet twice a year in at the Spring and Autumn meetings arranged by the Area Committee and hosted by a differen Society each time.

Society Chairmen meet once a year at an informal meeting for discussion and to exchange idea.

Society Programme planners also meet once a year to compare notes and gain ideas for future programme events.

The Arts Society organises the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Directory Day and Information Days on a variety of subjects, from Public Speaking to taking Photos for Publicity.